What is a perfect Smartphone of 2015


Till now, There is no such phone which can is perfect, Yes, there are phones which are nearly perfect, but what is the perfect Smartphone, Lets try to find define a perfect smartphone


Though lots of designs are available in the market now-a-days, but in my opinion the perfect design will be a sleek phone which can fit in my jacket and does not look odd or bulgy.

Another point to add is Metal frame and round edges, but when it comes to Bezel, i prefer almost zero bezel.

And covers of LG, Self healing, dust free, fingerprint free.


Display – LG G Flex 2

For me perfect size is either 5.5″ or 5.7″. Not so big and not so small. Seeing my usage pattern, I think wont settle below 500 ppi for in depth details and 4K Videos. The most important part will be wide viewing angles.

Though, Samsung created a New Era by introducing Curved Edge Display, but I will still prefer a Flexible display screen. 3D may not be a good option for such a small Screen.

LG G glex

Processor – Qualcomm 

I always prefer multi tasking and fast speed at gaming without a Lag. Snapdragon new series like 808 / 810 / 820 ( expected soon ), I may discard 810 due to thermal issues.

Seeing the higher cost, I may prefer to settle for 808 and if cost is not an issue than 820 and may be Adreno 430 for graphics.

Coming to speed, I will prefer any thing above 2 GHz.

RAM for sure 3 GB / 4GB , The major issue which I have noticed is of Inbuilt memory. Though 32 GB sounds good, but seeing my usage and storage trends, I may not settle below 64 GB.

Qualcomm in trouble

Qualcomm in trouble

Camera – Nikon D90

Though, I been dreaming of a Camera which can be like human eye, which are capable of seeing images in dark. You take any top end DSLR and try to capture images without flash, like in normal conditions human eyes can adjust after some time. This may be the future Technology of 2025.

Coming back to reliaty, Personally, I like camera of LG and I always rate LG cameras far above than any other Smartphone. Though SD 810 is capable of cameras upto 55 MP, but any camera with a good sensor and f/2.0 or 1.8 with 16 MP / 21 MP is good enough to take breath taking pictures.

Other Advance features of Camera will include – Quick Start,Quick Snap, Laser Auto-focus, Manual control, Color Sensors, OIS and a Desktop Picture Editing Software.

In my opinion, What companies can do is to provide few accessories for camera like external lens.

Battery – Droid Turbo

Any battery which is self charging while using the Smartphone, almost a battery for 30 days backup. For batteries, I am big fan of Moto devices specially Moto G 4rd generation or Droid Turbo.

Though, companies are regularly researching a special battery which can charge itself via human touch or atmosphere, So that battery gets charged while using a smartphone.

More you hold the phone in hand, more it gets charged.


Sound – HTC

This is where most of the smartphones loose the battle. Stereo speakers with high pitch sound. The sound has to be like ” Boom Boom Shakalaka ” . Just Think, we can have amazing sound in ear phones like Sennheiser or Apple.

I don’t expect Smartphone to be a theater, but sound should be good enough to rock a car at least.

Special Features

USB 3 , OTG, Cloud Storage, High security like finger print / eye scanning.

features are unlimited but mentioning only those which are possible to provide.


For Technology seekers, Price is never a criteria, but for a general consumer Price may be the factor. What should be the price of such a smartphone ??

Please do share your innovative / crazy ideas about  ” your Perfect Smartphone “.

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