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Pictar – Convert your iPhone in DSLR with a good grip


Miggo, which first made its worldwide debut with the innovative Strap & Wrap and Grip & Wrap protective carrying solutions for digital unveiled its most revolutionary offering yet – Pictar. High-tech and cutting edge, Pictar is an ergonomically advanced Camera-Grip for the iPhone that brings the familiar controls of a DSLR right to users’ fingertips.

Key features of Pictar include:
  • Five user programmable wheels/buttons for unmatched control.
  • Ergonomic grip for one handed use.
  • Powerful, dedicated App.
  • Detachable wrist and shoulder straps.
  • Tripod attachment (standard ¼)
  • Revolutionary High-frequency Dual-Tone OS.
  • Compatibility with iPhone models 4 to 6S
Key shortcomings addressed by Pictar include:
Poor control – while touchscreens have proven to be the method of choice for manyof today’s mobile devices, they simply aren’t fast enough when it comes to navigating menus or accessing camera controls. Because of this, users choose to simply press capture or record i.e. take the pictures on Auto and fail to truly experience what the iPhone could offer.
Uncomfortable grip- sleek and slim, the iPhone simply does not offer users a comfortable or secure grip when using the device to capture photos or videos. Due to the way users are forced to hold the phone, it’s often easily dropped or results are often not sharp enough because of an unsteady hand, especially when operating with just one hand.
Pictar features five external controls which operate key settings and includes a patented, revolutionary interface which utilizes high-frequency dual tone sound to activate and control the camera, saving significant battery power compared to standard Bluetooth connectivity. In addition, the ergonomically designed grip allows for one handed operation and sharper images.
External controls and features include:
1.Multi-state   shutter   button   –   electronically   calibrated   to   provide   maximum sensitivity,  just  like  that  of  a  traditional  DSLR.  Pictar’s  shutter  button  offers  a  “half press”  mode  to  lock  focus  and  exposure  for  easy  tracking  of  a  moving  object  or  to create a desired composition, as well as full-press for immediate shutter release.
2.Zoom  ring  –  located  right  under  the  index  finger,  the  rotating  zoom  ring  alleviates the  need  to  touch  the  screen  to  pinch-and-zoom,  making  it  easy for  the  user  to zoom  in  and  out  with  just  one  hand.  The  zoom  ring  can  also  be  programmed  and changed by user to suit specific needs.
3.Selfie  button  –  clicking  the  zoom  ring  will  switch  between  the  iPhone’s  front and back  camera  for  easy  “selfie”  shots.    Like  the  rotation  of  the  zoom  ring,  the  button can  also  be  programmed  and  changed  by  user  to  suit  specific  needs  and  control other settings. 4.Exposure  compensation  wheel–  located  on  the   rear  of  Pictar,  the  exposure compensation wheel helps the user determine the exact level of exposure. Based onthe user’s preference, the exposure compensation wheel  – like Pictar’s selfie button and  zoom  ring  –  can  also  be  programmed  and  changed  from  its  default  setting  to control other features
5.Smart   wheel–   customizable,   the   smart   wheel   allows   users –   beginners   and advanced – to control a variety of functions. In default mode it changes the camera’s preset  modes:  sports,  landscape,  portrait  and  for  the  more  advanced  users,  full manual,   aperture   priority   and   more.   Advanced   photographers   can   choose   to program the smart wheel to control other functions,  such as manual mode, shutter speed, iso, flash modes and white balance settings.
6.Tripod mount– for those photographers looking for  added stability, for landscapes or  for  video  recording,  Pictar  offers  a  ¼  standard  tripod  mount  located  on  the bottom of the device.
7.Cold  shoe –  located  on  top  of  Pictar,  the  integrated  cold  shoe  will  allow  users  to mount a variety of LED lighting accessories or mics for added creativity and control.
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