Pillow Talk by Little Riot : Feel the presence of your loved one

pillow talk

Feel the Heartbeat of your loved one, even when they are far from you.Sounds impossible, but what if, It’s possible with Pillow Talk. See them on Skype, feel them with pillow talk. Real feeling of home away from home.

What is Pillow Talk :

Pillow Talk enables two people to experience each other’s presence. It sends the sound of your realtime heartbeat to a speaker under your partner’s pillow. By sharing something so intimate with each other, you can feel connected in a unique and special way.

With Pillow Talk, you can lie in bed next to your loved one, even when they are on the other side of the world.

pillow talk

How it works :

Each person has a wristband they wear to bed at night and a small speaker to place under their pillow. The wristband picks up your real-time heartbeat and sends it to the other person. The result is an intimate and engaging interaction between two people, regardless of the distance between them.

You are paired with your loved one through a smartphone app that runs in the background.

Digital technology lets us email, text message, poke and video call people. That’s great – but it’s nothing like being in the same room, enjoying your partner’s company.

There is something special about coming home from a long day and being with your partner. Spending time with people we love feels special even if one of us is reading a book whilst the other is watching television.

Until now technology hasn’t been designed help us recreate these special moments. Now you no longer have to message your loved one; you can be there with them.

pillow talk - pairing

Other Features include: 

  • Better sleep. The sound of a steady heartbeat is the most soothing noise to the human subconscious. As babies in the womb, all we hear for the first 9 months of our existence is our mother’s heartbeat. It’s the first and only sound we come into the world knowing.
  • An ongoing sense of connection. Don’t spend hours on Skype every night; you can begin to wind down for the evening, read a book, have a nightcap, all whilst being connected to your loved one.
  • A feeling of security. Know when your loved one is in bed. Know they are safe and well.

Source : Kickstarter


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