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Rocketbook – Send hand written notes to the cloud


Rocketbook allows people to enjoy the pleasure of writing in a traditional paper and pen notebook, while digitizing all notes and sending them to the cloud, using your smartphone

What is Rocketbook and how it works

The Rocketbook system is a combination of a special notebook and a mobile app. Use the notebook to write notes and create designs using pen and paper. Then, use the app to effortlessly blast them in to the cloud perfectly organized inside your online services, such as Dropbox or Evernote. Each page is processed for quality and then sent to the specific destination that you indicate by marking an icon on the bottom of each page.

With your notes stored safely in the cloud, and when you use Pilot Frixion pens, you can erase your Rocketbook using your microwave oven. Launch your day with a fresh Rocketbook!

The Rocketbook notebook contains unique pages that allow for easy organization in the cloud. The pages all feature a dot grid pattern that allows for true creativity and are great for writing text notes, sketches, and designs.

The seven icons at the bottom of each page are the magic “buttons” behind Rocketbook’s quick and easy cloud organization. You assign each icon to the place of your choice, any folder inside Dropbox, Evernote, Google Docs, OneNote or your email address. When you mark that icon on your page, Rocketbook automatically files your notes in the right place.

Even more, when you use Rocketbook with Pilot FriXion pens, you can erase your entire Rocketbook by heating it in a microwave oven.

The ability to erase your Rocketbook is ideal for busy and creative people who might fill up their 100 pages. With little effort, users can easily send each page to the cloud and then microwave Rocketbook and begin filling it again!


the ability to capture and process hand-drawn images from anywhere such as whiteboards, Post-its, cocktail napkins and more. Using the Rocketbook app, you can file these images just like the pages in your Rocketbook.

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