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New rumors point to the iPhone 7 having some major changes


With rumors about the wildly hot upcoming phones, the Samsung Galaxy S7, and the LG G5, soon coming to a close, we turn our eyes and ears to Apple as. These rumors are juicy, and we can only expect them to get even juicier as time goes on. So far, what we’re looking at are some pretty big changes inside and out for the next phone which, as is the case with all major changes, are for better of for worse among consumers.

First off, it seems that the main polarizing bit of news that’s been floating around has been confirmed: the tossing of the 3.5mm headphone jack. Apple might be opting to ditch the jack in order to thin the iPhone out even more at just 6 – 6.5mms thick. In other words, about the thickness of the iPad Air 2. They will offer completely wireless ear buds that connect via bluetooth. Those who prefer to sport wired headphones will have to attach them to an adapter that plugs into the lightning port, which has the obvious dilema of “What if I want to listen to music while charging my phone?”

Other news points to Apple making the jump to AMOLED technology for the display. Up until now, they’ve used LCD panels. This rumor is on the more shaky side, as originally, it was said that this would happen in 2018 at the earliest. We can only guess who the supplier is. The latest bit of news on this subjects points to Apple looking at either Samsung, LG or Japan Display – or all three. It seems Apple has gotten a little impatient

The iPhone 7 may come with a different material for the body. Instead of metal, they may be using a ceramic, which will eliminate the need for the plastic antenna lines that some people are disgusted with.

A bump in camera performance, while eliminating the actual camera bump, is expected. It’s rumored that the iPhone 7 will sport an upgraded camera sensor at 12 megapixels. Also, this camera will be flush with the body, thus getting rid of the awkward camera bulge of the 6S.

The suite of other, and more typical, changes are rumored to come along in the iPhone 7. There will be a boost in RAM, bringing the 1 Gigabyte present in the iPhone 6 up to 2 or 3. Also, it may have the newest generation of Apple processors, the A10. Improvements to “3D Touch” and their fingerprint sensor are also expected to be on the iPhone 7.

These rumors are FAR from coming to a rest, as nothing solid about the iPhone 7 will officially come to the surface for months. But this batch of rumors act as a mile stone in the rising anticipation for the next iPhone. What’s perhaps little news now will be a hot topic in a few months after the buzz of the Galaxy S7 and G5 dies down, so if you’re looking out for how these rumors develop, stay tuned for more information as the iPhone 7 will start to heat up before you know it!

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