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Samsung to implement a large battery for the Galaxy S7


If you ask a whole bunch of people what’s their number one gripe with the Galaxy S6, the poor battery life would be mentioned from time to time. The Galaxy S6’s 2600 mAh non-replacable battery just did not go the distance for most users. Quick charging and wireless charging did soften the blow just a bit, but they still involve stopping, dropping and plugging in. Well, it seems that Samsung has heard the tech world’s cries of anguish and will be packing in a larger battery to the next generation of the Galaxy phone.

It’s been confirmed from by FCC that the Galaxy S7 Edge will have a sizable 3600 mAh battery. This is a large leap as 3000 mAh is about standard, and shooting 600 mAh above that shows that Samsung has learned from its mistake. Running a fully skinned version of Android, through a 5.5 inch QHD screen can really sap battery power, so a large battery is a must. What’s a bit of a bummer is the fact that this is only for the S7 Edge, and not the standard S7. There’s no FCC confirmation on the size of the S7’s battery, but it’s said that it might sport a 3000 mAh battery. While definitely better than 2600 mAh’s, it seems to be a large fall from 3600 mAh’s. It’s a decent size, but the world is moving on. 3000 mAh was about standard for 2015; anything below it was low, anything above is was high, but in this day and age, devices are getting more and more powerful, and power requires power. In Samsung’s defense, it is a smaller screen at 5.1 inches. Anything in the sub 5.5 inch category is considered to be on the smaller side, so this should hopefully even things out.

The Galaxy S7 is shaping up to the S6, what the LG V10 was to the LG G4: an address to its shortcomings. The S6 is still a marvelous phone, but it just had its missteps, and the S7 will be tackling some of them. With the speculations about the battery size being put to bed, Samsung fans who were turned away because of the S6 have one more reason to come back onto Sammy’s side. Hopefully when the S7 is officially unveiled, there will be even more reasons.

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