Samsung transparent OLED Displays

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Samsung transparent OLED Displays – unveiled at Hong Kong Retail Asia Expo

A market whose potential is expected to be 90 Bn $ by 2025

Samsung Display unveiled the world’s first 55″  OLED  transparent and mirror panel.

At present, two techniques are in use for the realization of transparent displays. One is based on projection and are thought to be used as heads-up displays for vehicles. The other relies on optical transmission and uses OLED and LCDs shining from within, which is closer to the idea of a true transparent display

Samsung Display first began creating OLED shows in 2007, but because of the slow uptake has focused more about LCD recently. However, this season separated its LCD and OLED teams, and begun pushing OLED again. The entire HD transparent OLED includes a transmission ratio of 45 percent, having a colour gamut of 100 % in NTSC standards,  a lot better than conventional transparent Liquid crystal displays which have a ratio of 10 % and gamut of 70 %, the organization stated.

OLED is equipped with a sprinkling mirror reflection of 75%, similar to that felt in the conventional LCD Mirror Mirror existing products perching on less than 50% . It is also highly reflective and with a minimum contrast ratio of 100,000: 1 and a response time less than 1ms (1000 of a second), LCD (4000: 1, 8ms) implements a contrast superior performance can be utilized in various fields.

Samsung also displayed augmented-reality (AR) solutions around the shows in making use of Intel’s RealSense technology. The Intel technology takes human-computer interaction to the next level of visualization, which combines consumer-grade 3D cameras with an easy-to-use, automated library of stored “perceptions” to simplify camera enhancement efforts of software developers.

Together, the two technologies create a “virtual fitting room” that will be used to help consumers vividly see themselves wearing clothing apparel, shoes or jewelry that they might wish to buy.

Transparent Display is not a new scenario, Planar already announced at an exhibition in Amsterdam that it would supply 30 percent-transparent, 55 inch commercial display products starting early next year. Industry experts predicted, in view of the level of the technology, it was Samsung Display that supplied the panel for the product.

LG Display is planning to come up with a flexible display panel with a transparency of 40 percent and a size of 60 inches by 2017. It has signed a patent license contract with UDC, an OLED material manufacturer having more than 3,300 related patents, to accelerate its development.

“LCD-based transparent panels were commercialized first, but they have their own limits in terms of transparency improvements,” LG Display explained, adding, “Companies are focusing on OLED-based ones because LCD-based panels cannot have a transparency exceeding 20 percent.”

Pic courtesy : Businesswire


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