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Have you ever noticed Twitter allowed only 140 words message, which was really annoying as you are always short of words when it comes to messaging or writing a review or posting Blog. For some users, Twitter became either a PM or just a link posting site becoz of words limitations.

Twitter has recently added the ability to share links and tweets via DM, while also introducing group chat features in DM. Despite this, DM isn’t the best place to have a decent conversation because of the character limit. More often than not to continue a conversation, many switch to messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Hangouts, or if you have the phone number, then the likes of WhatsApp among others.

Some Reasons for Twitter changing its Strategy

  • Slow growth rate as compared to FB ( 300 mn users vs 1 Bn )
  • No business growth as messaging is limited, failed to  monetize
  • What is Twitter, Networking or social or Professional site, Business Model is not clear !!
  • Sine 2013, Twitter went Public and has been facing heat for growth.
  • Twitter CEO also resigned as Twitter always lacked Vision ” what it want to be ? “

Twitter always worked as private messaging or Direct Message application. But no more, Now Twitter will allow 10,000 words from July on-wards.

Sachin Agarwal, Twitter DM product manager stated ” Nothing! Tweets will continue to be the 140 characters they are today.”

If you compare twitter with whatsapp or facebook or linkedin, wherein you get almost unlimited words, Twitter looses the race instantly, but Twitter realized it pretty soon.

It’s a great move as it will support lot of news, blogs and Write ups which can be expressed in 140 words. On the other side, surprising part is Whatsapp is increasing way too fast after it introduced calling feature. In last three months, whatsapp landed adding up approx 100 million new users.


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