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UsBidi – The World’s Most Intelligent Charger Ever!


A charger which is smarter than your Smartphone

UsBidi is the most intelligent charger that not only doubles the charging speed on computer USB, but also automatically shuts off power completely once fully charged so you don’t have to unplug. It spares your device from battery killers like heat and mini-charging-cycles,extending battery life with healthier battery and longer-lasting charges.

It has additional awesome features – LED indicator showing you at-a-glance the charging status, magnetic ends for tidy hold, durable and colorful braided exterior with a variety of lengths (1, 3 or 6 Feet / 0.3, 0.9 or 1.8 Meters) to choose from.

UsBidi charger is designed to work with both your phones and tablets. It is available in two versions – MFi certified Lightening version for Apple devices and Micro USB version for Android devices.

Keeps Battery Healthier and Maximizes Its Life

How does this work?

A lot of us leave our phones and tablets plugged in charging for extended periods, such as overnight. When left plugged in after the battery is full, a regular charger will cause elevated temperature and mini-charging-cycles, damaging the battery capacity and shortening its life over time.

UsBidi is created with an intelligent built-in PCB that shuts off charging circuit completely once battery is full, as though it has been unplugged. And your device will charge again next time when you plug it in.

The auto. power shut-off feature is comparable to an “auto-unplug” function. No more stressing your precious battery for 8 hours every night, wearing down its capacity.

Fast Charge 2x

When your phone is plugged into a computer’s USB port, the regular charger will do data syncing and charging at the same time, which is the reason why the charging speed is so slow.

UsBidi charger gets a touch switch that stops data syncing once pressed, so that all the power available will be used to boost the charging speed.

When you finish syncing, simply press the button to switch into Smart & Fast mode. UsBidi will double the charging speed and cut your charging time in half.

Please note : The project is suspended for Funding on kickstarter and they again made a pledge on indiegogo

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