Do you want to get maximum from Android Smartphone – Root the Phone

How to Root Android Phone 

Whats is Rooting : In simple words, Rooting means unlocking the operating system. Its same like Jail breaking in iPhone. In most of the phones, Rooting means warranty is void, but since Xiaomi and Yureka have come in existence, Rooting is now acceptable. These two companies have made Rooting possible with warranty.

How to Root Android Phone : 4 easy steps 

1. Enable Developer Mode : 

– If it’s running Android 4.0 or 4.1, tap Settings, Developer Options, then tick the box for “USB debugging.” (You may need to switch “Developer options” to On before you can do so.) On Android 4.2, tap Settings, About Phone, Developer Options, and then tick USB debugging.” Then tap OK to approve the setting change.

– On Android 4.3 and later (and some versions of 4.2), tap Settings, About Phone, then scroll down to Build Number. Tap it seven times, at which point you should see the message, “You are now a developer!”

2. Enable USB debugging. ( This is for Expert Developers and for some Typical Smartphones like LG )

3. For Beginners, Most easy way is to download ” One Click Root ” / ” Kingo Android Root “and run the software. In most of the phones, this process works except for LG mobiles and few other mobiles where you need to download  complete Phone software.

Another easy way out is install Kingo Android Root

  • Step 1: Download and install Kingo Android Root.
  • Step 2: Enable USB debugging mode on your phone. …
  • Step 3: Run Android Root on your PC, then connect your phone via its USB sync cable. …
  • Step 4: Click Root, then sit back and wait while the utility does its thing.

Please note : Root your device at your own risk, as Most of the manufacturers void warranty



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