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Watch out LG and Samsung : China may reveal first Commercial foldable Smartphone

Though LG and Samsung have been setting the Technological Trends in Smartphone Industries, But, This time China may win the game in Real Bendable Smartphones. Though, LG and Samsung have launched Flexible Smartphones commercially, but none of them is a Real Flexi Smartphone. How can you forget G Flex by LG ? But G Flex is Phone with bend, Not a Real foldable Smartphone.

Moxi Group, A Startup in China, has announced commercial launch of a Foldable Smartphone in 2016, This Phone can be worn as Bracelet or watch, and will work as a standard Smartphone. The company will use Graphene ( one million times thinner than a human hair be 300 times stronger than steel and 1,000 times more conductive than silicon ), The Thinnest material in the world.

LG G Flex2

Moxi has claimed to produce Prototype and plan to produce 100k commercial Smartphones. But there is a small catch, This Smartphone will remind you of 1990’s ( Black & White ) and may Rip your pocket by $ 760.

Another News is : The Smartphone will be available only in China at the moment. The black-and-white phones are expected to sell for around 5,000 yuan ($760) each in China. The cheapest version of Apple’s iPhone 6S retails for 5,288 yuan (US$806).

In fact, $ 760 may not be that much for a Collector, After 20 years or so, This Phone may fetch a good price for being the first Commercial Real Foldable Smartphone. As per Moxi Group, Color version may be developed by 2018, as the Technology is far more Complex.

LG G Flex 2 is sold at a Price Tag of Rs 56000 ( $ 800 ).

Chongsheng Yu, Moxi’s executive vice president stated “The color model power usage is also much higher than that of the black and white unit. We’ll sell in China and if there’s demand overseas, we’ll look into it.”

What exactly is the Technology behind Foldable Smartphones :

The Flexi screens are based on Graphene technology, where carbon atoms are arranged in a specific pattern to make them more conductive and resilient. Instead of putting all the smartphone’s parts behind the flexible screen, Moxi crammed the battery, processor and the other components into one end of the gadget. That enables the display to almost bend into a full circle. The key question remains ”  how good the Display and screen quality will be ? “

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