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What is common in Ice and Nexus 5X – Both melt when heated up


Last night my Nexus 5X bricked and melted itself while in my pocket

These are real comments by a Reddit User. LG made Nexus 5x reportedly melted ” on its own “. The point to notice is that phone was not connected to charger.

Google Nexus 5x was released few months ago, but Google is already suffering a sluggish sales in Asia Region specially India and now this incident may impact the sales further.

Earlier to this incident, Nexus 6p has been in news for a long time, for back glass been cracked. Nexus 5x was earlier reported to have some technical issues, like upside pictures, hotspot issues, lagging and other performance related issues. But, this issue is the first time reported.

What Reddit user ” AFChimpanse ” said

Was just standing outside when i suddenly felt it heating up in my pocket, took it out super confused as i felt it heat up further. It then started to have a low frizzling sound and smelling extremely toxic.

Then the entire phone became way to hot for me to hold and i had to put it on the ground. When I picked it up again i noticed the hole/melted plastic pictured slightly above to the right of the LG Logo as pictured.

I have only had it for about 11 days, never used any 3rd party chargers and it wasn’t even plugged into something when this happened.
Has anybody seen anything like this or have any advice for me? I’m obviously going to take this back to the store i bought it in on Monday and expect to either get a new phone or a refund.

Though the real cause is not yet known, but Google may replace the smartphone with a new one. LG has not commented on the issue yet, but we may soon hear from LG. As this kind of incident may spoil the reputation of LG as a smartphone manufacturer.


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