Why Oneplus X is so costly – Complete Review and justification


Oneplus X is famous for launching products at a decent price while giving higher specs. Oneplus 1 and Oneplus 2 are the clear evidence for this scenario, but this time Company went away from the trasitiona nd launched a Designer Smartphone

But before justifying the price, Let’s have a close look at What Oneplus X is all about :

  • 5″ FHD Display 1080 * 1920 p, AMOLED , Corning Gorilla Glass 3
  • 441 ppi and 71.3 % screen to body ratio
  • Android 5.1 Lollipop with OxygenOS
  • 2.3 GHz Quad-Core Snapdragon 801
  • 3 GB LP DDR3 coupled with 16GB expandable to 128GB via microSD card
  • 13 MP Rear Camera with f/2.2 PDAF with LED Flash and Selfie 8 MP with f/2.4
  • 1080p@30fps, 720p@120fps
  • Accelerometer, gyro, proximity
  • 2525 mAh battery
  • Dual Nano Sim, Dual Standby
  • 140 * 69 * 6.9 mm
  • Onyx Variant – 13 g / Ceramic Version – 160 g
  • SAR – 0.32 W/kg (head)  &  0.42 W/kg (body)
  • Price , Onyx @ Rs. 16,999 and Ceramic @ Rs. 22,999

Design and Material

Body of Oneplus X is made of Metallic frame with two variants in back design – Onyx and Ceramic variants. The metal frame surrounding the body, composed of a beautiful brushed anodized aluminum with chamfered edges.

Onyx is the standard version while Ceramic is the limited version and will be produced in limited quantity of 10 k Units. Ceramic Version is priced @ Rs. 22,999. So what’s a so special about it.

As per company, Ceramic takes 25 days to produce the finished back panel and yield rate is 20 %.

Let’s have a quick understanding of Ceramic and Onyx.

Ceramic : The ceramic concept was introduced at IAA 2015, Frankfurt specially in Automobile Sector. The most common product of Ceramic in day to day life is ” Ceramic Tiles “. The definition of Ceramic states ” A non-metallic, inorganic Solid material .” Ceramic got mainly 4 types based on usage : Structural, Refractories, Whitewares ( home products ) and Engineering grade.

Oneplus X is made from Zirconia Ceramic,also known as Oxide Ceramics – Zirconium Oxide (ZrO2)

Unlike other ceramic materials, zirconium oxide (ZrO2 –also known as zirconia) is a material with very high resistance to crack propagation. Zirconium oxide ceramics also have very high thermal expansion and are therefore often the material of choice for joining ceramic and steel.

Zirconia Ceramic got following properties :

  1. High Resistance to Crack propagation (6.5 to 8 MPam1/2).
  2. Low Thermal Conductivity (2.5 to 3 W/mK).
  3. High Thermal Expansion  (α=11 x 10-6/K, similar to some types of steel).
  4. High Strength
  5. Ability to conduct oxygen ions (used for the measurement of oxygen partial pressures in lambda probes)

What Oneplus Claims :

  1. The raw zirconia is baked at a temperature of 1,480ºC for 28 hours, and this process is repeated again and again until the ceramic is of the utmost quality.
  2. It’s a 25 day process to make one final product
  3. Only 20 % yield rate in production

Onyx : Black onyx is a popular material in home furnishings, jewelry, and, thanks to prominent home decorators like Martha Stewart, is also gaining position as a flooring and countertop material.

Onyx is most commonly heard for Ornamental properties and also for Floor Tiles. But, what Oneplus is using is Dark Glass Onyx. In my opinion, this is the same kind of polished glass which is used for making Tiles or

Though Black Onyx made in china is very cheap, it may cost around : $30.0 – $60.0 / Square Meter.

To Summarize, Ceramic Oneplus X may justify the costing, but I am still confused about the high price of Black Glass Onyx. Please do share your suggestions.




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