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World’s first Smart Wine Bottle


Do you know most of the time you do not get Authenticated wine bottles, most of the time you will find fake wine bottles specially in India

Counterfeit is not only a big time issue for Economic loss to Liquor Industry but also for human health. To overcome this issue  Thin Film Electronics ASA (Thinfilm), a global leader in the development of printed electronics and smart systems, today announced a partnership with the G world group. authentication company specializing in transparency and accountability solutions. The partnership will unveil the industry’s first “smart wine bottle” built using printed electronics technology at GSMA’s China.

This “smart wine bottle” will feature Thinfilm’s patent-pending NFC opensense tags and G World’s globally patented SAMSCAN process, providing a compelling choice to global consumers for the purchase of authentic produce and consumables while delivering significant anti-counterfeit protocols for the agricultural and beverage industries.

To better protect winemakers and wine consumers, the G World anti-counterfeiting solution – powered by Thinfilm’s unique NFC technology – will facilitate authentication of individual bottles throughout the supply chain, ensuring they are packaged, shipped, stocked and purchased in their original factory-sealed state.

NFC OpenSense™ tags are thin, flexible tags that can detect a product’s sealed and open states and wirelessly communicate contextual content with the tap of an NFC-enabled smartphone or device. The tags contain unique identifiers that make it possible for companies to authenticate and track products to the individual-item level using powerful software and analytics tools. In addition, the tags remain active even after a product’s factory seal has been broken – empowering brands to extend the dialogue and strengthen relationships with consumers. NFC OpenSense™ is the only publicly demonstrated technology that combines smartphone readability, unique identification, and a definitive electronic reading of a product’s sealed or open state.

Key Features

  • Uniquely identifiable NFC tags can be integrated into everyday items, including consumables and their packaging
  • Tag senses the “sealed” or “opened” state of the product or package and wirelessly transmits status information along with the tag’s unique identifier
  • Interactive mobile content can be customized based on sealed/opened status
  • 13.56 MHz High Frequency (HF) operation
  • Passive tag – requires no battery
  • Tag memory is coded at Thinfilm factory.  Tag data cannot be electrically modified

In India, Liquor Counterfeit business is almost 12 % of the overall revenue and it’s a big hit. top liquor companies are losing out on liquor sales in fast-growing eastern states such as West Bengal, Assam and Bihar because of a significant increase in sales of fake labels—poor quality blends that are packaged as popular alcohol brands.

Over the years, apart from the states in eastern India, bottles of counterfeit alcohol has been sold in some other states including Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan and Haryana.

In India, In my opinion, Technology can be developed beyond imaginations as we are not only expert in designing high class equipment but also local techniques ” Jugaad “.

How this Smart Label can Work in India :

First let’s look at one key question, Can’t smart labels be fake !! Yes and there is a smarter way to deal with it.

  • Smart Labels are scanned at factory Level
  • Information is stored at Company Server
  • This way Company can track which bottle / batch is send to which location
  • Users download the app to read Smart Labels
  • When you are at Sales point, scan the smart label and app will tell you about Brand , Batch number and sales area ( broad locations like Faridabad or Delhi or Noida or Mumbai ), match the info with Printed label.
  • If info does not match with your app info, alarming situation.

Scenario : Definitely Criminal mind works very fast and ahead of what may happen tomorrow. What if Fake bottles also carry the smart labels.

Here we can embed two Modules :

  • First One, Manufacturer can define codes for different Brands and only manufacturer has the access to put the code in system. Now Smart labels carry two infos : first manufacturer code and other manufacturing details. Even if you fake manufacturing info and able to match it with company, what about the access code ??
  • In the app itself, we can give option to buyer ” purchased – yes /no “. If yes , stored in company and the moment duplicate label is scanned, apps raises the alarm ” already sold “.

Now the question is, whether Liquor Industry will accept this or no ?? If yes, is this solution viable ?

  • Almost 700 mn cases are sold in India, can we handle this volume ?
  • Labels have to be unified across all states, will state govts agree for this ? ( Excise departments biggest revenue stream, Govt. may agree )

Indian Liquor Industry Revenue : 190,000 Cr ( Country Branded Liquor 120,000 Cr )

Even if 10 % in Counterfeit : 12,000 Cr Loss , Not considering foreign liquor in this.

Please do share your thoughts , if we can take this project as a startup ??




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